Zipang casino is a scam?Is the casino site safe or dangerous?

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What is Zipang casino?

Zipang Casino is an online casino site that is managed by overseas companies, although Japanese staff are here.
Personally I think that 24 hours Japanese full support is an easy-to-play site lining up on the KACHDOKI site.
Besides the major sites such as Velarjon Casino, there are not so many Japanese staff, so these sites can play with peace of mind.

Try challenging the new street of Zipang Casino

I tried challenging the recently released slot, LeprechaunsLuck.

Because A and Q and mushrooms are easy to come out, it is difficult to reduce the amount of funds possessed.
Also, a mysterious atmosphere was felt in the sound that is generated when turning. I think the word fairy tale world seems to suit you.

I made three rotations, three gold pieces written as bonuses came out. Then an old man with a whiskers appeared on the left, and a rainbow with numbers from 5 to 1000 appeared on the screen. When the old man pulled the lever, it stopped at the number 4 and the place written as 8 of the rainbow glowed out.
It is like a mechanism that increases the magnification of the rainbow every time a high number is pulled by pulling the lever. So I watched the scene with praying feelings.

After the magnification stopped at 80, after conclusion of the word congratulations, the number 320 came out in the center of the screen. It was a good figure so I feel like wanting to dance on the spot. Besides, with 15 bonus stages, I thought that I chose this slot and was right. In the bonus, Q and J, or K and 10 etc. were frequently arranged, so when we finished it had changed to a number of 400. I wondered if I could make so much money, such a word came into my mind. Because I felt good, I also chose Sindbad. A role like a diamond came out immediately from the left to the right, so it was hard to reduce the amount on hand.
However, it did not come out even if I aimed at big hits. On the screen, when the circle written as 7 appears on the even reel, the bonus is displayed. Even though I aimed at it, I thought that I was wondering if my luck had run out with the two earlier.

After that, I continued for about 10 minutes, but I closed the screen because it seems that the birds are singing. I also played a blackjack in a live game with a distraction. I set it to the lowest unit price so that it does not hurt even if I lose, I received a card from dealer.

At first, since the picture cards were two pieces, I went to the game as it was, and the opponent showed a role of 19 while making a look that I would regret. Since the winning percentage is set considerably low, it was interesting to see a feeling of disappointing facial expression. I played after this, but the dealer seems to have seriously served, I lost four consecutive times. I won once and so I decided it was ok. I also played a roulette of live games.

I knew that it would be difficult to win, so I bought down the unit price here as well. However, although I just chose an appropriate figure, I have achieved the feat of hitting two consecutive reasons why. Because it was an unexpected result, I thought that I wish I had added more stakes.
Sindbad was out of the slot, but Leprechauns Luck and Magical Stacks were doing great, so I was happy. These two seem to be quite easy to go out, so I’m thinking of entertaining in the future. Live games did not think that roulette would hit the big game. I am surprised at the good luck of my own because I hit a fairly low probability. The direction of Blackjack is the place where the disastrous defeat said as expected.

Zipang casino is a scam?

Even compared to other sites, Zipang casino is safe.

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