Lucky Baby Casino Review 2022 Legit and Safe? Get a cash back Bonus

1. What is Lucky Baby Casino?

Lucky Baby Casino is operated by a company called Bayview Technologies Limited, which is based in the Philippines.
The operating company is the same as Zipang Casino!
that’s right! Lucky Baby Casino is an affiliated casino of Zipang Casino.
Lucky Baby Casino was previously only playable on PC, but it has been renewed and is now compatible with smartphones!
Like Zipangu Casino, it has a Cagayan license.


2. Recommended points of Lucky Baby Casino

2.1 Advantages compared to other casinos

☆ There are many opportunities to receive a high percentage deposit bonus!

Like Zipang Casino, Lucky Baby Casino also has many deposit bonus offers.
Lucky Baby Casino’s flagship offer is this one.

Early bird bonuses are held every Saturday and the bonuses are valid for a fairly short period of 24 hours.
Even if the expiration date is short, it is excellent to have the opportunity to challenge a high percentage deposit bonus twice in half a month!
My offer email is currently 150%, and when I didn’t experience the Hayaben bonus right after I registered, it was 200%!
While there are many casinos that offer existing players a disappointing offer, Lucky Baby Casino offers such bonuses many times apart from the first deposit benefits, which is actually amazing!
Similar bonuses at Zipang Casino are held on Sundays, so if you register for both, you can challenge a high percentage bonus four times in half a month.
When I introduce a casino, I sometimes write that it is good to use multiple casinos, but this bonus falls under Moro.
You have more chances to register at Zipang Casino + Lucky Baby Casino than at Zipang Casino alone.

In addition, we also offer monthly bonuses and bonus offers that allow you to get revenge when you do not win with the monthly bonus.

The monthly bonus can be challenged once every half month, and there are many opportunities just like Zipang Casino!

☆ There is also a nice offer for those who do not need a bonus!

The same “Super Cashback” and “Return Bonus” as Zipang Casino can be used at Lucky Baby Casino!

For super cashback, if you lose money while playing within the period specified by the casino, if you apply for support within the acceptance period, the percentage stated in the offer email will be calculated from the net loss amount excluding bonuses and comp points. to return to your account!
If you bet the amount returned to your account on games other than Live High-Low and High-Low Premium, you can turn it into your own cash that you can withdraw.

The redemption bonus is a service limited to those who do not receive the bonus, and if you use a bonus that cannot be used in combination with the Hayaben bonus, you will not be able to use the redemption bonus.
If you want to receive a return bonus, please understand the above.
How to receive the return bonus: I want to receive the return bonus after depositing and before starting to play! and apply for support.
Please be sure to do so before you start playing.
If you make a bet even once, you will not be eligible to receive the return bonus for that deposit, so don’t forget to apply if you want to use it.
The return rate is calculated as the % stated in the offer email.
With this service, if you bet more than the deposit amount + return amount in games other than Live High Low and High Low Premium, it will be your own cash.

☆ There are also comp points, and Paytra users can withdraw quickly!

Like Zipang Casino, there are of course comp points, and if you use Paytra, a payment method unique to affiliated casinos, you will get a 10% bonus and a faster withdrawal speed.
The comp point rules and system are the same as Zipang Casino, so it’s easy to understand.

☆ For those who play well, there is also a “give bonus”!

This is currently exclusive to Lucky Baby Casino.
I used to be able to apply at Zipang Casino.
Players who haven’t received a bonus within the past 3 months can claim if they have made at least one deposit of $100 or more in the past 3 months.
Players who have received a giveaway bonus within the last 3 months must have made a single deposit of $100 or more since their last giveaway bonus.
This is the condition you can get.
You can get a bonus by choosing either cash chips in the amount stated in the offer email or slot-only 10x conditions.
There are conditions that you can receive it within the past 3 months or from the last acquisition, but if you meet the conditions, you can play without making a deposit that day, so it’s a nice service.

2.2 This is a disappointment

▼ There are few deposit and withdrawal methods.

Zipang Casino was also small, wasn’t it ~.
Lucky Baby Casino is also an affiliated casino, so currently there are only two deposit and withdrawal methods that can be used.

▼ If you win, including affiliated casinos, there will be changes in the offer content.

Zipang Casino and Lucky Baby Casino differ from player to player in the content of offer emails, bonus percentages, etc.
In my case, when I first registered, the early bonus and raw bonus at Zipang Casino was 200%, but when I won a big win at Zipang Casino, the content dropped to 50%. The offer content of Lucky Baby Casino also fell at that time … w
The contents of offers may change due to the interlocking of affiliated casinos.
The point of using both casinos is to increase your chances of winning big by trying the bonus multiple times. That’s what it feels like.
If you win big at either Zipang or Lucky Baby and the offer content drops, you will either have time at both casinos for a while, or you will have to play with a return bonus.


3. Before starting Lucky Baby Casino

3.1 What to prepare

☆Deposit and withdrawal methods

Of the electronic wallets, EcoPayz or Paytra is required.
It is a hassle to create an electronic wallet that can only be used at Lucky Baby Casino affiliates, but Paytra is an easy-to-use electronic wallet at affiliated casinos, as withdrawal processing is faster than EcoPayz.
Players who think that there will be more opportunities to play at affiliated casinos, including Lucky Baby Casino, are recommended to create a Paytra account.

[Identity verification documents]
  • Driver’s license

    A valid driver’s license with your current address on the front.
    If your current address is not written on the surface of your driver’s license, or if you are submitting another form of identification (such as a passport or health insurance card), the following supplementary documents are required.
[Auxiliary documents]
  • Utility bills or bills in your name
  • Certificate of residence

    It must have been issued within the past three months and must show your name and home address.

*The Basic Resident Register card cannot be accepted as an identification card or supporting document.
Prepare other documents.
*The items listed on the identity verification documents and supporting documents must all match the name and address registered in the account.
Even if you get permission, it’s useless even if it’s something that belongs to your family.
If they do not match, you will not be able to withdraw.
* Please take a photo of the supporting document and submit it on paper.

3.2 Deposit method

Deposit methods at Lucky Baby Casino are as follows:

Currently, only two types, EcoPayz and Paytra!
Credit cards used to be available at Lucky Baby Casino, but as of 2020, they are no longer available.
I used too much credit card payment! There are many things that can happen, so the current situation where you can only put your funds in an electronic wallet and deposit them into your casino account is inconvenient, but it may be effective in preventing overspending.

3.3 First deposit benefits

Exclusive to players who make their first deposit at Lucky Baby Casino.

[100% deposit bonus up to $555]

Withdrawal conditions are 18 times (deposit amount + bonus amount).
At Zipang Casino, you can choose the contents of the first deposit benefits from 4 courses, but at Lucky Baby Casino, this is the only one.
Withdrawal conditions contribution rate, excluded games and prohibited games are almost the same as Zipang Casino,
“At Lucky Baby Casino, players who challenge the first deposit bonus, do not apply for a withdrawal, and have a balance of $0 can challenge the second deposit bonus with the same content as the first deposit bonus.”
This is the difference from Zipang Casino.

[Withdrawal Condition Contribution Rate]

100% except for the following games, exclusions, and prohibited games.
・50% conversion game

Pai Gow Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Casino Hold’em, All Spin A Win, Wheel of Light, Wall Street Fever

・25% conversion game

All Roulette, Baccarat and Sicbo except Live

・10% conversion game

All blackjack except blackjack switch, all video poker, pontoon

[Excluded games]

Live Hi-Lo, Hi-Lo Premium, Craps, Blackjack Switch, Video Poker Double Up, Slot Games Gambling Features

[Prohibited games]

live roulette, live baccarat, live sicbo

*Bonus Notes*
・Please apply to support before you start playing after depositing.

・There is a bet limit.

A single bet is up to 25% of the bonus amount.
The bet limit varies depending on the bonus amount you receive, so let’s play after figuring out how much is your limit.

・Do not play excluded games or prohibited games while the bonus is being consumed!

If you play, the bonus and winnings will be forfeited.
You can play after clearing the bonus, but in that case you must contact support after clearing before you can play.

– Avoid low-risk bets.

Betting methods that cover almost all winnings, which are common in table games, are often prohibited at casinos, but they are also prohibited at Lucky Baby Casino.
This is a general rule that applies even during no-bonus play, so don’t do it.

・Acts such as using the bonus round with the next deposit without completing the bonus round of the slot by winning the bonus play are prohibited.

Be sure to use up the bonus rounds you win on bonus play on the spot.
If discovered, any winnings obtained by such means will be forfeited.
Lucky Baby Casino also mentions it in the bonus description.

3.4 Withdrawal method

Withdrawal methods at Lucky Baby Casino are either EcoPayz or Paytra.
The minimum withdrawal amount is $20 for EcoPayz and $31 for Paytra.
No fees.
Lucky Baby Casino can only withdraw from an electronic wallet that has a deposit history, so please apply for withdrawal from an electronic wallet that has a deposit history.
As for the time it takes to withdraw, Paytra’s processing is faster as described on the site.

Paytra: Apply by 12:00 noon Japan time every day, including Saturdays and Sundays → Processing within the same day
EcoPayz: Application by 11:59:59 p.m. Japan time → processed by 5:00 p.m. (Japan time) on the next business day, Saturdays and Sundays are not included in business days and are closed

And Paytra is getting preferential treatment.
Paytra is recommended if you value withdrawal speed.

3.5 What should I do if I can’t withdraw money or have trouble?

Lucky Baby Casino usually receives your winnings in your e-wallet around the above time.
If your claim is large, it may take some time.
If you feel that the withdrawal is slow for no particular reason, or if you have any other questions, please contact support.
Email is used when applying for a bonus, and support is also used when checking the progress of withdrawal conditions.

  • Email → support@777baby.com
  • Chat → Temporarily suspended due to the corona crisis
[Support business hours]

Open 24 hours a day!
Chat is currently unavailable due to the strengthening of measures against corona in the Philippines.
However, you can use it with confidence because the response is quick even by e-mail.
The support phone number is the same as Zipang Casino, so the support people may be the same at both casinos.
Even if the registered name and other information are the same at Zipang Casino and Lucky Baby Casino, there is a user ID for each casino, so when making inquiries at Lucky Baby Casino, please provide your Lucky Baby Casino user ID.
Bonus applications may be crowded on early bonus days, so be sure to inquire well in advance.

3.6 How to withdraw

If you want to withdraw from Lucky Baby Casino, please contact support with the following personal identification information and let them know that you want to withdraw, and they will close your account.
[Information required for identity verification]
User ID starting with LBR
Full name
Date of birth (Western calendar)
post code
Registered email address


4. How to Win at Lucky Baby Casino

4.1 Recommended game and reason for recommendation

The recommended games at Lucky Baby Casino are general slot games like Zipang Casino.
The reason is that the deposit offer goes well with slot games.
In fact, Lucky Baby Casino is said to be the holy land of slots…w
Play slots with first deposit bonuses, 100% or more early bird bonuses and monthly bonuses.
It’s a high percentage bonus, and the bet limit is 25% of the bonus amount, so you can make high bets that you can’t do with fluttering.
The element of luck is stronger, but if you draw a high dividend, you can win big, so I think it’s worth taking the offer!
It’s great that not only the first deposit but also existing players have the opportunity!
This casino is recommended for slot players.

4.2 How to get around and increase recommended games

It’s going to be a battle with early bonuses and monthly bonuses, but the contents of the bonuses and prohibited items are not much different from the first deposit bonus, so I think you can do it the same way.
It’s basically the same as Zipang Casino.
Get your bonus and hit the slots! And it’s a simple turn of events.
It’s a simple fight, but it’s not like you’re going to turn without thinking.
Within the range of the upper limit of the bet, if the condition is not good, I raise the bet, and if it is not good, I lower the bet or change the model.
Lucky Baby Casino bonuses have a higher bet limit, which varies depending on the bonus amount you receive, but in general you can bet higher than other casinos.
So, the bigger the bonus amount you received, the higher your bet than usual.
If you successfully draw a high dividend, you often change the bet amount so that you can safely digest it, or move to a model with calm waves and digest it.
Lucky Baby Casino bonuses are mixed bonuses.
In most cases, this kind of bonus cannot even be withdrawn until the conditions are met.
If you can’t pull it out until you clear it anyway, you’ll lose anyway if you don’t decide to attack with the intention of running out.
(Deposit amount + bonus amount) × ○ times, so there are many required bets, so even if you do it flat with a small bet, it will eventually disappear if you can’t get a good hit multiple times.
The risk of a total loss is greater than a separate bonus, but the advantage of a mixed bonus is that it aims at high risk and high return, so the amount of money when you win is likely to increase.
Since the amount you deposited will be locked until the conditions are cleared, it is better to challenge with surplus funds.

5. Lucky Baby Casino Rating Score (out of 100) and Reasons

The score of Lucky Baby Casino is … 92 points!
Lucky Baby Casino, in my opinion, has a higher rating than Zipang Casino.
Both withdrawal speed and quality of support are ◎!
Bonuses that are not available at Zipang Casino are still available as a selection system, and you can now play on your smartphone.
The regrettable point is that it is the same as Zipang Casino, that the contents of the offer will change depending on the person, and it would be nice if there were more major providers.
It is a casino that continues to evolve during its long operation, so I have high hopes for the future.


6. Finally

I think that Lucky Baby Casino is a casino that can maximize the benefits of bonus offers by using it with affiliated casino Zipang Casino.
At seasonal events, there are times when we hold a joint casino lottery where you can win cash and prizes.
If you are a person who has played at Zipang Casino, the system is the same and it is easy to start, even for casino beginners it is easy to understand the prohibited games. I think that you can play with confidence because it will be given to you.

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