royalvegascasino is a scam?Is the casino site safe or dangerous?

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What is royalvegascasino?

Royal Vegas is an overseas online casino site licensed in the Republic of Malta. By registering on this site you will get a free bonus of $ 30, so I tried it. Just enter the email address, address and name and complete the registration immediately.
And as soon as 30 dollars of free bonus was granted, I tried roulette at once. The reason for starting an online casino is to try out how much money can be increased by the Monte Carlo method which is also called a strategy in roulette.

Royal Vegas live game

Roulette has a live game, but it does not mean that there are actually people behind the screen, but the programmed roulette keeps turning.
Since this site is licensed by eCOGRA (e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) which is a nonprofit organization, it seems that there is no fraud in the game by such a program. There seem to be hundreds of participants, so we decided that there is no problem to try Monte Carlo method anyway.

Royal Vegas experience

Since the fund is only 30 dollars, I chose a roulette to play with the lowest premium, $ 0.2. Monte Carlo method writes numbers 1, 2 and 3 on paper and adds the numbers on the left and right to bet on either red or black.
If you hit it, you will erase the number, if it goes out, you will add a bet to the right and you will bet a bet with the numbers on both ends. If all the numbers disappear the profit of 6 comes out and one game is over.

Although it is an advantage that betting money does not increase rapidly even if you lose like martingale, it turned out that playing does not work well in practice. First of all, it is basically to bet on either red or black, but this is the reason why the numbers that red and black come out are almost the same, according to the law of large numbers.
However, when I actually played, I noticed that I often go out considerably biased to either red or black. And the number written on paper while the coming off continues to increase considerably. That is, the stakes that must be digested are accumulated.
Moreover, when it comes to hit in the middle, fewer numbers on the left side will disappear, only gradually larger numbers will be left. Then, when the deviation continues afterwards, the numbers added together will become quite large and the stakes will become considerable.
As a result, even after starting with a bet of $ 0.2 units, the wager of a few dollars continued soon and the bonus of 30 dollars soon exhausted. I knew that it is necessary to devise some idea as to whether to bet on red or black.

royalvegascasino is a scam?

Even compared to other sites, royalvegascasino is safe.

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