wildjunglecasino is a scam?Is the casino site safe or dangerous?

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What is wildjunglecasino?

Wild Jungle Casino is a site of gambling which is operated overseas.
It is a pretty famous site in the casino world, it is famous that two Japanese players have earned over 100 million yen by reserving Jack Pod of this wild jungle casino.
There are a lot of things mainly based on slot machines and table games, so you can enjoy authentic casinos online.

Reason for choosing a wild jungle casino

The reason I first chose the reason is because I was the most famous and reputable among the on-line casinos I have surveyed! The most felt dreams of the Japanese people more than 100 million jackpots It was.
I like baccarat card games and I was fighting alone in front of my computer as if I were crazy until money runs out ….

Wild Jungle Casino Experience Story

It is time for 20,000 yen to increase to 200,000 to such extent that such one day payment was made. Suddenly I should try on an online slot as well. If I play a game that a prize can be obtained when the patterns of vehicles are arranged in one row on a 3 × 3 square, the highest symbol (airplane) is in stock in about 3 minutes of things The money has exceeded 1 million!

If you make such a delicious feeling human beings will have more greed. (Only me?) LOL “I decided to play with the slot of Marvel Hero next to increase it further in other on-line slots! Everyone thinks that it should not be that good! That day was different!
What odds are still unknown, but this servant caught my jackpot! Prize money 4.5 million!

By the way, I got an e – mail asking for the impression that I caught a jackpot from a wild jungle casino. The impression is posted on the site of Wild Jungle Casino. It became stupid that I was going crazy with pachislot so far because I was able to get such a big money in about an hour.

Ah! Although it is attention here, this site actually seems to draw up to 1 million at most in one month no matter how much money you can get. That was my biggest hurdle for me.
At first it was uh ha ha that there are 1 million income every month for nearly half a year, but I am really a lump of greed. How, after 4 days of withdrawing 1 million, the balance that was nearly 5 million died out.
I redeemed 800,000 out of one million drawn out into an online casino account again in an instant. There was also such a thing, but since half a year I was playing about fifty thousand in the month, but in that half year there were three times over 3 million in the online casino account!
I had never pulled out all of them at hand, but I think that I can earn far more than pachinko, slotting.

Ichioshi ‘s game is still a slot of Marvel Hero! Although it did not get as big as the first big jackpot, I got around 500,000 jackpots 3 times. Such a jackpot exists in the slot of Marvel Hero. I think that gamble addicts like me who read this I will play once by all means! I have failed but as long as you can be played wisely it will surely be a little paradise in your life 🙂

wildjunglecasino is a scam?

Even compared to other sites, wildjunglecasino is safe.

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