wunderino Casino is a scam?Is the casino site safe or dangerous?

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What is wunderino Casino?

The wunderino casino is an overseas online casino site which started operation in April 2016 under the approval of the Maltese government.
In 2017 I landed a lot in Japan as I landed in Japan.

Playable games like slot slots, slot machines, card games, live games and so on.
As a deposit bonus a $ 100 deposit and a +100 dollar bonus will be attached.
Also, within the wunderino casino’s site there is a pay-in bonus for the day only, and now you are entitled to spin free spins if you deposit more than 50 euros on Monday.

The wunderino casino’s recommendation is blackjack

I played card games such as blackjack and poker, but all were easy to understand and I enjoyed it.
I do not know because I’ve never been to a real casino, but I did not need a particularly difficult skill for card games, so I was able to play easily!

Also, at wunderino casino, many events are held on a regular basis. Among them, the event I thought was the best for me was an event like “●● times free”.
Depending on the event, the target game will differ, but the game that was the subject of this event can turn the slot for free! The number of times you can turn free is also dependent on the event, but you can hit on that free rotation Because there can be things … It is a dreamy event!

Even if I do not play big, I can play again with the money I won, so I really enjoyed this event.

Besides, we have decided the ranking by the amount we betted on the slot only at the weekend and also had events like prize money for the top prizes! And then winning victory is a day or a month There is also an event that the wunderino casino additionally presents the difference of the winning victory at winning! So it may be interesting to play at the event.

Speaking of a little bit about it, (although it is natural) it’s overseas site, so most of the inscription is in English. For those who do not understand how to play, I have an explanation, but since I am writing in English, I missed reading it. Lol

So, it feels like I was playing with a game I can understand.

wunderino Casino is a scam?

Even compared to other sites, wunderino Casino is safe.

Online casino recommendation ranking BEST 10

We will introduce recommended casino sites on this site! Since each site has different features, please find the site that suits yourself!
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Lucky Niki Casino
Lucky Niki:Information
company  :Luckyniki
license :Republic of Malta
URL  :
English English correspondence OK
Evaluation :★★★★★

Topic casino incorporating Japanese animation!
Online casino · No.2
Verajohn Casino
company  :Dumarca Gaming Ltd.
license :Republic of Malta
URL  :
English English correspondence OK
Evaluation :★★★★☆
Get free bonus 30 dollars!
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Zipang Casino
Zipang casino:Information
company  :Bayview Technologies, Limited.
license :Philippines
URL  :
English English correspondence OK
Evaluation :★★★★☆
This casino is highly credible because it is operated by Japanese.
Casino Heroes
Casino Heroes:Information
company  :Hero Gaming Limited
license :Republic of Malta
URL  :
English English correspondence OK
Evaluation :★★★★☆
It's almost like a video games.
Online casino · No.5
Queen Casino 
Queen Casino:Information
license :Philippines
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English English correspondence OK
Evaluation :★★★★☆
She is, Kawaii XD