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What is Casino Heroes?

Kaji journey is a casino site operated overseas, and it is a fairly special game site that new slot size will be released as you play.

It is the reel / rush slot that I decided to challenge for a casual journey.


About the slot machine called Reel · Rush

Since the meaning of the hidden frame was unknown, I thought that when I played while feeling doubt, every time a child role got together the closed part opened, so it was a good mechanism. Interestingly, when I hit, I was happy because somehow my coins have rotated without decreasing. Also, the sound effect when I hit it was similar to the sound of the game I played a long time ago, so when I was playing the old days became nostalgic.
I did it for about 20 minutes, but I only decided to round up because I only have a child. Fortunately thanks to the specifications that can be turned without using hands, coins are saved because they have not decreased so much.

Challenge the boss on a Casino Heroes!

I challenged a boss with things like fat bells. Since things such as turning something appeared in the center of the screen, I understand that it would be won if I could read the instructions and show the down arrow. Although I tried hard at first, I could not push it well because it was a random setting if it was perfect instead of eye-push. So, as a result of the rag being defeated, the production where the avatar is blown out came out. The scene here was so funny that I burst out laughing.
After that, it was indicated that more exercise is necessary to beat the boss. I wanted to say that we need more luck than practice.

There are card games as well as slots for Kaguya!

Blackjack was immersed enough to forget her back pain. Actually, I went to a casino in some country and had a feeling that I was competing with dealers, so I set it to the lowest BET and kept on doing it many times.
When I did it for the first time, I got a picture card and 18 of 18 in my hand. I judged it to be a good figure, so I won a match, but the other woman put out 20 with no expression. Next challenge and 3 and a picture card were handed over, so when requesting 1 piece 7 got out and it was 20. I played but the opponent brought out 21 instead of a lump. I felt regretful I tried challenging for about 10 minutes. It seems there was worth it, I managed to beat the woman on the screen somehow. There was a strange sense of accomplishment, but the winning percentage was less than 10%, so I felt a complicated feeling. However, it is fun to be interesting, so I asked him to play a few times afterwards.

Challenge roulette in a Casino Heroes

Roulette also felt that the realistic director was represented brilliantly. The part of the container rolling the ball on the left was soaked in the feeling that he was in the casino when looking at it.
Although this game can expect a return, since there is a risk to that extent, I tried it with a minimum BET. As a result, the first five times ended without stopping at the number chosen, so all betting amounts were confiscated. Then put it in 35, the ball of roulette jumped in the container several times, and entered into the number I chose spectacularly. I thought that it was a great accomplishment, I jumped over the room and was delighted. It was a feeling that there was significance in hitting it, although compensation was small.

Live casino and table game did not play because I could not understand the way. There seems to be possibility that I could have enjoyed if I knew the specification.

Starburst was the best thing in the slot. Because it is easy to increase the number of coins thanks to the child and the stars, I feel that there is a charm that I want to do any number of times. I am concerned that the flowing music is somewhat plain, but it is perfect except it.

Casino Heroes is a scam?

Even compared to other sites, Casino Heroes is safe.

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