What is a Online Casino

Online casinos are sites operated in various countries offering gambling services such as slots and card games or sports betting.
There are many slot sites, but overseas sites are not gambling, but some countries are treated as play.
This site introduces mainly the casino site operated by each country.


Online casino recommendation ranking BEST 10

We will introduce recommended casino sites on this site!
Since each site has different features, please find the site that suits yourself!

Online casino · No.1

company  :Studio Booking N.V
license :Dutch Curacao
URL  :https://e-gaming.club/ja/
English English correspondence OK
Evaluation :★★★★★[btn_s color=”red” corner=”r” url=”http://a.agest.jp/sa/?cm4cd=s14313:7399:0&guid=ON&xuid=”]Registration[/btn_s]
Online casino · No.2
Verajohn Casino

company  :Dumarca Gaming Ltd.
license :Republic of Malta
URL  :https://www.verajohn.com/ja
English English correspondence OK
Evaluation :★★★★☆[btn_s color=”red” corner=”r” url=”http://www.samuraiclick.com/aclk?bid=610&tid=74419&lid=34&aid=19231″]Registration[/btn_s]
Online casino · No.3
Zipang Casino

company  :Bayview Technologies, Limited.
license :Philippines
URL  :https://www.zipangcasino.com/
English English correspondence OK
Evaluation :★★★★☆[btn_s color=”red” corner=”r” url=”http://ddbanners.zipangcasino.com/promoRedirect?key=ej0xMzYyNjU1OSZsPTEzNTM5NTYyJnA9MTY5ODE%3D”]Registration[/btn_s]
Online casino · No.4
Casino Heroes

Casino Heroes:Information
company  :Hero Gaming Limited
license :Republic of Malta
URL  :https://www.casitabi.com/ja/
English English correspondence OK
Evaluation :★★★☆☆[btn_s color=”red” corner=”r” url=”http://www.samuraiclick.com/aclk?bid=805&tid=82559″]Registration[/btn_s]
Online casino · No.5
Queen Casino 

Queen Casino:Information
license :Philippines
URL  :https://www.queen-casino.com/ja
English English correspondence OK
Evaluation :★★★☆☆[btn_s color=”red” corner=”r” url=”http://record.og-affiliate.com/_lMtWuaUunJj6PBA04iUMN2Nd7ZgqdRLk/1/”]Registration[/btn_s]

Recommended casino site! It is a site with different characteristics, so it is good to try various:)

My recommendation is closest to pachislot! It is the KACHIDOKI site where the lost legendary Unit 4 slot board can play. Please choose a casino that suits you.

Reason why I started playing at the casino site

The casino is the hottest among online gambling!

I love gambling and do various gambling such as slots to race boats and pachinko machines. When I am gambling it is fun and I will immerse myself for forgetting time.
However, time is fixed for pachinko, slots, race boat etc, and time to play within the day is limited.
Sometimes I felt I could not wait until the next day, and there were things I was having a night with a feeling of harmony.
In such a case I learned about on-line casinos and I can enjoy casinos that I can not do in Japan on my computer.

If you download the software in the environment where the Internet connects, you can enjoy gambling without worrying about time, so I am very happy to have enjoyed my favorite gambling forever.

What games can you play at the casino site?

There is a site called Zipang Casino in the online casino that I use, but there are many games to enjoy.

From slot game to roulette, baccarat can enjoy various games with blackjack. I prefer slots games to favorites with jackpots and I can say that they have been able to play for a long time.

The casino can freely change bet amount to bet

If I hit the big money once, the return when I hit it is big, but I am afraid and not using it.

As a slot with a jackpot from a small amount of money, we have chosen low ones with the lowest bet of about 5 lines. Even this is a large amount of money come back, so I am satisfied enough to enjoy it.

If you get a jackpot, you may get a large amount of money like when you won the lottery, which I think is also attractive in this regard.

In case

How can I earn money at a casino site?

At first I thought that I would definitely win by using the investment law in the world with roulette etc, but there was a time when I fell into a state that can not be explained by probability theory and lost a lot of money is.
Therefore, I think Zipang Casino, which has a slot that can enjoy even a small amount of money, is a good online casino for me. Of course, those who have money have better returns if you set a big bet a bit, so gamblers may want to try it.

Some people say that Jackpot’s winning probability will rise, so betting a big amount will have various merits as well. However, my recommendation is that people who expected a big return with a small investment can enjoy for a long time, and dreams may be able to be seen for a long time.

Overseas casino experience stories / I actually played at the casino


At the Brisbane Treasury Casino in Australia

It will be talked about five or six years ago already, but when I went to Australia for a short study abroad, there was a remarkable building near the language school. That is Treasury Casino.
In the evening it will be lighted up fantastically with red or purple lights. I have never been to the casino, nor have I done anything, but I came to Australia and celebrated! I invited my friends at a language school.

The casino surely has age verification!

When the school is over and just started to light up, it is time! I went enthusiastically, but first it was hard to get into the casino. He was stopped by a big black guard of Gatai and asked with a monstrous face “How old are you?” At the age of 20 at that time I was an age to enter the casino, but I was excited at the force (laugh)

Baggage and dress code

When I thought that I could finally put it in, I was told not to leave my backpack in the locker this time (I got a big backpack as it was my return to the language school.) Looking at the locker, it was 5 dollars a time! I hesitated for a moment (lol)
I paid for it, and I borrowed a locker for 5 dollars. In Treasury it is a very fashionable and adult space.
Besides slots and roulette, there are fashionable BAR and cafe inside. There seemed to be no dress code, but there were many people wearing something like a party dress without having seen a person who was wearing a very rough appearance. I was wearing a thin slim dress in black, but there was a similar person in the surroundings.

Actually casino experience!

I decided it was ten dollars so I tried roulette because it was awesome. (It took from 1 doll when I said) The result naturally did not understand any meaning and ten dollars quickly disappeared (lol) To the casino on the way, “How are you doing this?” I heard that there were a lot of technical terms I did not quite understand if my listening skills were insufficient.
The preliminary fee quickly disappeared, but it was good to go there, though! I can taste the atmosphere of a different space and it becomes a souvenir talk to friends in Japan (lol) It was a very nice experience!

If you go to the casino in Brisbane you’d better have a passport absolutely! Japanese people are particularly strictly checked because they look particularly young.
Also, if you do not want to pay the locker fee we also recommend going with a small bag (laugh)